Data Center

Our building has 6,400 square feet on the main floor and 3,600 square feet downstairs where our data center is housed. At the street front, the downstairs is a basement but it is the first floor at the employee parking lot at the rear of the building.


Secure Environment

Employees enter the building through a biometric system which allows access only during strict business hour schedules. Computer workstations are controlled and monitored on our private network. Multiple layers of security are in place with both hardware and software firewalls to protect all traffic on our internal private network.


Public Facing Network

We have three racks of web servers that host websites for us and many of our business clients, nonprofits and member organizations. These public facing servers are segregated from our internal network, protected by multiple protocols and are virtualized, which means they are disposable. They could be wiped out and recreated almost immediately.


Internal Private Network

From 1982 or 1983 up until 2006 we were a Novell shop, we utilized only Novell servers in our internal network. From May 2006 through August 2008 we phased out the Novell servers and transitioned entirely to Microsoft. A retired top NASA security expert assisted us with the transition and I will never forget his comment to me, "Greg, I just don't see any way a snake can get in this building."


Secure Wi-Fi

We have a secure Wi-Fi network at Bara Office Building for our clientele. Ask any of the staff for the password. This Wi-Fi network is totally segregated from other networks on premises. There is no way that you can gain access to any of our other networks from the Wi-Fi network.

Some facts

Our 3,600 square foot Data Center is state of the art. We have Eaton Corporation uninterruptible power supplies providing bridge up-time until our Generac 36kw Natural Gas Generator takes control (15 to 25 seconds on average). The result is, our entire building is protected from power outages. Our servers never stop.




Calculations per min


Hours per day


Days Per Year


How it works

Extreme care is exercised in the handling and processing of your private information. We have security measures in place at every step of the process.

Data Entry

Data Entry
Step 1

We scan source documents you provide to us and store them in a secure database which can be accessed only through our highly specialized software program. The data from your documents are entered into our tax program.


Step 2

We review and analyze your information within our tax program. Our costs for the tax software and the data storage program is in the thousands of dollars each year. Our tools are the best available in the industry.


Step 3

Once we file your tax returns securely and electronically, we lock the file in our tax program. We archive a digital copy of your returns and provide them to you through our secure portal. This process was developed over many years.

End Result

End Result
Step 4

We notify you with our secure email once your copies are available on the portal. We digitally sign and encrypt all mail and attachments which only our intended recipient can read. This also ensures no tampering en route.

Gregory J. Cook, EA, CPA

Accredited Tax Advisor

charterd global management accountant
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